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From the desk of  Elisabeth Kuhn, Ph.D.:

Dear Fellow Booklover:
So you have too many books, CDs, DVDs, video games? And you're wondering what to do with them all? Where can you get the most money for your former treasures? I bet you would like to get at least part of your investment back, right? But it's soooo much work...

Guess what! It doesn't have to be! Here's how I discovered the solution:

A few years back, I was literally drowning in books.  I had been a bookaholic for as long as I can remember, and a major pack rat to boot.  

It was frustrating:  not only were the books cluttering up my place, but I also could have really used the money I had spent buying them all.  I guess you could call that buyer's remorse.  Ever had that happen to you?

Finally, I figured out what to do...  

As it turned out, I could get my money back...
and then some!

How would YOU like to sell your books, CDs, DVDs and turn them into CASH? Of course, you could also sell all sorts of other stuff you either may have lying around your house or could easily get from friends, relatives, garage sales, or your local Goodwill store.  

Yeah, right, you'd probably say.  Sure, you know all about eBay!  And maybe you've tried selling things on eBay and have gotten frustrated.

I think we can agree that eBay is way too much work.

"But... eBay is WAY too much work!"

Picture this:

You have to do all of the following:

  • photograph each item
  • list it
  • describe it
  • heck, you have to write up a veritable sales letter in order to have even a chance at selling it
  • and then you have to answer questions...

And then, eBay charges you a listing fee.  Maybe you won't even sell your book. Is that frustrating or what? 

Of course eBay is NOT what I'm suggesting here...  

I've found a much better solution (for most things anyway):  Amazon.com Marketplace.

You probably know it already.  You may have bought books or CDs through its vendors.  But have you actually sold through Amazon.com Marketplace?

You'll be in for a treat  

Especially if you compare it to so many of the other 
"money making" possibilities out there...

With many of them, you can buy ebook after ebook in search of the Holy Grail of FINALLY making some money online, but ...Nothing, again.

Or maybe they're just too technical.  Or you don't have the hardware or software.  Doesn't it make you angry to spend all this money and then not get ANYTHING in return?

And what do you have to show for all that hard work you put into it?

If you've succeeded, good for you!

But if you're like a lot of people, you're still working on your first hundred bucks, or maybe your first thousand.  Maybe you're still working on earning your very first buck!

It doesn't have to be that hard.  Those ebooks all have something in common:  They tell you only part of the story.

Don't you just hate it when they do that?!

"All those Make-Money-Right-Now books always seem to leave out the crucial parts!"

But let's get real...

It doesn't have to be hard.

It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

It doesn't have to cost any upfront fees at all!

Check out the Alternative:


Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies Ebook

"No Upfront Fees at Amazon.com Marketplace!"

Yes, that's right.  I'm talking about Amazon.com Marketplace.

It's easy, and it almost works on autopilot.

And you WILL make money if you follow my instructions. And those instructions are NOT complicated.  They're easy.  Step-by-step.

But does it work quickly?

Well... If you do what I tell you, have decent "inventory," and price your items right (and write just the right kind of remarks on the description page), it can work quite quickly. 

Some of your inventory might require some more patience, but at least those books and CDs will require neither work nor an investment in listing fees while you wait for them to sell.

And here, in my new ebook, I've written up all the secret and sometimes not so secret strategies I've discovered that make Amazon.com Marketplace work so well.

Will you make millions?  No.  That's extremely unlikely, especially if you work it by yourself.

But you can easily make enough for car payments, or even your mortgage, and if you're really into it, you can make quite a bit more. 

"Let Amazon.com pay your car payments...
and maybe even your mortgage!"

And you know what my favorite thing is about selling my extra stuff on Amazon.com?  I mean other than the money?  

It's knowing that my books and CDs will go to someone who really wants them.

I've actually corresponded with customers from Australia, Japan, and Europe who were very happy that I had the book they wanted and was willing to sell it to them.

That made it a whole lot easier to part with my stash of books... 

And I think it's really cool to have customers all over the world!

But that's not all...

You know how things keep changing, right? Well, Amazon.com Marketplace is no different. So does that mean you'll have to buy a new copy every year?  

Definitely NOT! Here's why:

"FREE Updates For Life!"

That's right!  You won't ever have to buy another one.  Every time I update this downloadable manual in any significant way, you'll get the new edition FREE!  

"Get ready for the Prime Selling Season!
Here's why you must ACT RIGHT NOW!"

Let me tell you about the most active buying season...  even for used books and media. It starts around October, and it lasts well into January or February.

Then, it will ebb and flow throughout the year, and it will pick up again big-time in October and early November.

But... it's March right now! So should you wait till October?

Absolutely NOT.  Let me tell you why:

You need to build up your "reputation"!

If you start right away, you can build up your reputation, i.e., your good ratings.  And that's really important -- just like it is on eBay.

And it means that come prime selling season, you've got a big advantage over all those newbies who are trying to cash in on high season!

As you'll find out in my book, having a good reputation counts big time, and it will help you two ways: You'll sell more, and you'll make more money per sale!

And another thing I'll show you in my book is how to build up your reputation as effectively as possible.  And that information is important.

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There's a BIG difference between 
eBay and Amazon as far as ratings is concerned.

You know how basically every purchase gets a rating on eBay. Well... that's NOT the case at Amazon.com Marketplace.  You get a rating for maybe every 10 or 20 sales, if you're lucky! So you have to hustle to build up your reputation, and it can take a while.

So get started right away if you want to be in a prime position to cash in during the next high season.  And make plenty of money in the meantime too. 

Plus, you'll have lots of time to build up and/or list your inventory over the summer, so come October, you've got tons of stuff ready to sell!

"So if you want this ebook, get it right now!
That way, you'll make the most money with it...
and you'll get it while it's still a bargain!"

A bargain?  You bet.  I WILL update the book, and the price will go up every single time I do, and sometimes at other times as well.  

But YOU won't EVER have to pay another cent. You'll get ALL the updated editions completely FREE of charge.

"FREE Updates For Life!"

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Here Are Just Some Of The Things You'll Discover:

  • The best way to list your books
  • How to instantly increase the desirability of your books and CDs
  • How to avoid working yourself ragged by only listing the books that are worth your valuable time and effort
  • How much to charge to make them sell as quickly as possible while also maximizing your profit
  • How to make your items super desirable with an easy special technique
  • How to save time and money on shipping
  • How to make sure your books will arrive safely
  • How to make the most of your clunkers
  • How to avoid buying or getting more clunkers
  • How to shop guilt free and indulge your passion for books and music
  • How to get that icky gunk off the book jackets and make them look like new
  • How to keep your customers happy and get great feedback
  • How exactly Amazon.com Marketplace compares with eBay and what to sell where
  • A little trick that will make your customers happy AND increase desirability (and saleability of your book)
  • And so much more....
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How much is Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies worth to you?

It gives you an easy way to make hundreds of dollars a month, with no upfront investment (other than this book, and, eventually, to restock your supplies)
I have been there, and learned it all the hard way, and I want to show you how you can turn Amazon.com into an easy and almost autopilot system to make that extra cash you want.

How much would that be worth to you?  I could add videos and other fancy stuff and charge you $97 at least.  But I didn't want to do that.  I want to make sure that it's affordable for anyone, so I'll give you an extra low introductory price for a limited time -- even for the updated edition:
So for you it'll be not  $97 or even $47 but just $17!
And you'll quickly realize that you'll make that $17 back with your first couple of sales at least!  It's a no-brainer, if I may say so myself

So yes, this is a very low price, but I really want you to be able to get this book RIGHT NOW and get some Holiday cash in time to buy presents.

And you know what? This will be this low only be for those who take advantage right now. The price will be going up as I add more stuff and pages or other goodies. You, of course, will get all of that for free.  But only if you take advantage of this special offer right now...

Here's what internet marketer and copywriter Darrel Hawes has to say about my ebook:

Your advice is right on!

Elisabeth, I just finished reading your report Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies. Your advice is right on! It is obvious that your strategies are developed from experience.

I should know; I made a full-time income for several months basically through buying and selling used books on Amazon and other online marketplaces. I feel you have given the beginner everything they need to start selling their books on Amazon.

By following your instructions, your readers will avoid the pitfalls that many of us fell into because we did not know any better. Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies is highly recommended!  

Darrel Hawes

And here's what Linda Williams from North Carolina just wrote in an email:

Thanks for making your book "simple"
and to the point.

"I just recently started selling on Amazon a few weeks ago. I was sort of teaching myself and I wasn't up on everything I needed to know such as what the rankings meant, how to make adjustments, etc.

"Now, after reading your book, I think I will do really well since I know how to weed out the duds and keep my feedback secure.

"Thanks for making your book "simple" and to the point. It was really easy to read.

"And, by the way, I used your technique on how to remove the ugly labels and gluey stuff off my books and it works like a charm!"   

Linda Williams, NC

And here's what BlueSquares on the Warrior Forum had to say about Amazon Marketplace Strategies:

This report is perfect for anyone entering the Amazon Bookselling marketplace.

"I've actually sold books on Amazon since 2001 and this report is perfect for anyone entering the Amazon Bookselling marketplace. I wish I had this when I first started out...it would have saved hours of "homework."   

BlueSquares, Warrior Forum

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And here's what netcowboy on the Warrior Forum said about Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies:

All I can say is it works.

"Hey I wanted to Thank You for the info. I'm just getting started with my sellers account and have a bunch of stuff listed on Amazon now. I'm already getting a few sales even though I don't have any feedback yet. You have to start somewhere...

"...This is perfect for me now because I'm writing my second novel and just need to make some additional income that doesn't take a ton of time. Thanks again for the info and all I can say is it works."   

netcowboy, Warrior Forum

And here's what onlineleben from the Warrior Forum said about Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies:

Fantastic read and full of good advice.

"Fantastic read and full of good advice - will start to sort my books tonight."   

onlineleben, Warrior Forum

And here's what eflo from the Warrior Forum said about Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies:

I like the thorough step by step..

"Thanks for the e-book. Very clear and concise. Not a huge profit center for the hard core IMer's but it's a fantastic source of income for a student or a senior wanting to get involved in the Amazon Marketplace.

"I like the thorough step by step."   

eflo, Warrior Forum

And here's what MostlyHarmless from the Warrior Forum said about Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies:

Great way to raise a few dollars and unload excess book clutter at the same time.

"Thanks for this great eBook. Really enjoyed it and have already listed some books and sold a few. Great way to raise a few dollars and unload excess book clutter at the same time."   

MostlyHarmless, Warrior Forum

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And here's what sanssecret from the Warrior Forum said about Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies:

Very well written and clearly explains everything.

"Just finished reading this Elizabeth and have to say it's really good stuff. Very well written and clearly explains everything. I wish I hadn't just cleared out my own collections a while back, but like you it was getting to the 'silly' stage, lol. Excellent information. Thanks for sharing. ."   

sanssecret, Warrior Forum

Here's what people have had to say about another ebook of mine: Instant Stress Relief Strategies:

Like reading a letter from a friend...

The suggestions you offer are fabulous...  Some of them gave me a giggle too!  I was extremely moved by your sharing your own struggles as you learned how to make yourself feel better through some very painful and scary times. You are living proof that these techniques work not only on superficial problems but also on some of the most stressful experiences of our lives.  

Wendy Betterini

What a wonderful resource!

What a wonderful resource! I've never heard of hot spiced chocolate. It's something I'd like to try. You're an incredible writer. Thanks so much..  

Robin Mackey, San Francisco

So what will it be?

You've got two options:

Option A:  

Do you want to hang on to all those books or continue to do all that extra work on eBay, not to mention pay the commission -- and not get a proper return for all your efforts?


Option B: 

Are you ready to turn your unneeded books and CDs into cash with Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies?

I think the choice is obvious...

Click Here to Download Now!

I'll take all the risks!

I'm so sure that you will be completely satisfied with this product that if for any reason you are not completely happy with this resource, all you will need to do is ask and I will refund your money no questions asked for
60 days.

That's right!  If you don't find my Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies downloadable book useful, you can just request a refund and I'll even let you keep the book and all the bonuses (except for the future updates and future bonuses) as a thank you for trying it.  It doesn't get any safer than that!

 Here's your Secure, Risk-Free Acceptance Form

Yes! I want to take you up on your incredible offer today at the special limited-time bargain price of only $17.

This includes

1.  The Digital Book

The "Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies" Digital Book, which is really an entire resource toolkit for helping you sell all sorts of products on Amazon.com Marketplace. (Value $37)

2.  Internet Marketing Step-by-Step Newsletter

A FREE renewable one-year subscription to my Internet Marketing Step-by-Step newsletter that will bring you even more tips and strategies on how to make money online. (Value priceless)

3. FREE Updates

FREE Updates for as long as the book is published in digital form. (Value $97)

4. FREE Checklist

A FREE step-by-step check list (attached to the back of the downloadable book), a great time-saver. (Value: What's your time worth?)

5. FREE Teleseminar

A FREE Teleseminar (you'll get an invitation when it happens, which will be in the next few weeks. (Value $29)

6. FREE Make Money in your Jammies Special Report

A FREE special report on the key ways to make money from home -- legitimately!

Total value of the entire package = You do the math!

You can have all this today for more than 90% off of the value. Yes, for only $17.

And I know I can try "Amazon.com Marketplace Strategies" completely Risk-Free with your "no questions asked" 60 day money-back guarantee.

I am getting a copy of the Downloadable Book and 5 bonuses for only $17, payable with safe and secure Paypal.

 P.S.:  Make sure you actually put this book to use.  It WILL make you money -- if you use it. And it's soooo easy to use.  It's a step-by-step guide, and to make it even easier, there's a checklist at the end of the newest edition so you can just print that out and follow along.

P.P.S.:  I will also create an audio version of the book, and the first 200 people who buy this book will get that for free as once it is ready!

P.P.P.S.: NOW is the season! No matter what month it is!  You've just discovered that October through early December (and even well into February and even March) are PRIME selling months! You'll make far more during those months than the entire rest of the year.

even right now, in spring, take advantage of the headstart you're getting with building up your good rep!

Not only will it help with spring cleaning... but it will pay tons of dividends when the next prime selling season rolls around...  because people will buy more from you and they'll pay you more too! You'll find out why in the ebook!